Test Case: Zoho Recruit Implementation


By successfully implementing Zoho Recruit and automating parts the candidate application process, we were able to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on data-input and associated employee costs, increased the accuracy of data and achieved a streamlined recruiter application process.


To identify processes which can be automated to result in a reduction of time spent on data entry.

Provide a streamlined recruiting process for both client and applicant.

Ensure that all company communications are accurate and professionally presented.


  1. Process map the businesses current state to highlight manual data entry points
  2. Perform test cases to get an estimation of the amount of time spent per process transaction
  3. Identify and map future state processes/quick wins
  4. Present findings and solutions to client
  5. Setup agreed to ATS (Applicant Tracking System) – Zoho Recruit
  6. Test new process to ensure it’s efficiency
  7. Provide training and support to all staff members
  8. Design a process manual for future reference

Current State

New applications are emailed to a central mailbox and then manually inputted into the ATS System

Future State

New applications gets sent directly to the ATS system – Zoho Recruit.

Estimated Benefit

  1. Reduction in time spent inputting data
  2. Reduction in outsourced Admin costs
  3. Mistakes due to human error reduced
  4. Scaleable
  5. Streamlined and simple for candidates and employees to use

60% of emails are either typed or forwarded on from a previous email already sent.

Email templates to be used going forward

  1. Reduction in time spent inputting data
  2. Reduction in outsourced Admin costs
  3. Mistakes due to human error reduced

Data is stored locally on staff members computer.  This causes a breakdown in communication especially if a staff member is on leave or ill.

All company documents uploaded Zoho Recruit or Zoho Docs.

  1. Company information stored centrally allows staff members access to information when they need it
  2. Candidate and client data easy to find and always up to date
  3. Compliance with regulatory requirements such as GDPR

Actual Benefits Realised

–  Average of 64% time savings in the new application process
–  Weekly outsourced VA hours reduced by 20 hours

–  All candidate records are now automatically kept up to date every time a candidate applies for a job
–  Improved candidate and client satisfaction due to improved service levels


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