Windows Search: Quickly find files, folders, applications and websites.

I’ve decided to post this tip first because I regularly share it with clients who I find struggling trying to find a programme or file. Windows Search is one feature that Microsoft has done well developing over the years.

Do you remember the old Windows versions such and Windows 95 or XP? Perhaps you remember performing a search? It was limited to just files or folders on your PC or internal network. And it could take a VERY long time.
Windows Search is now an easy and quick way to find any file, folder AND application on your PC, internal network or cloud storage. It also displays results from the web, and it’s effortless and quick to use.


  1. Click on the Windows Icon or the Search Icon on the toolbar

  2. Begin typing what you are looking for – a list of suggestions will appear

    Top Trick: If you are searching for a file, but have forgotten what it’s called – you can search for the application instead. Windows will display the application and a list of documents you edited using that application.

  3. Simply click on the relevant link and it will load for you.

And that’s it. Three simple steps to quickly find and access virtually anything on your PC. This also works if you are looking for a particular Windows setting such as your display options or device management.

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