Typing and Transcription Services


Bravo Typing and Transcription Services, based in the UK, convert audio files, handwritten notes or files into professional and accurate word documents.

Fast and accurate copy typing and transcription services

Whether it is a five-minute conversation or 500+ page dissertation, I can transform it into a professional-looking document. My transcription services are easy to use, and you will have direct contact with me throughout the project.

Typing and Transcription Process

I accept audio files or electronic documents in any format. Simply upload your documents using your dedicated upload link, and I’ll take care of the rest. Hard-copies can be posted or scanned, or I can arrange a courier to collect and deliver it back to your doorstep.

Once I have completed the task, you will be sent a download link to your professional-looking document/s. You can use this link to download, search and share the document across your organisation and with your clients.

Using Microsoft 365, I ensure that your documents are stored securely and made accessible to you at any time as long as you have an internet connection.

Additional features of My transcription and typing services

My standard delivery is 48-hours however I can offer a speedier turn-around for the times you need something completed urgently.

I can also include special formatting into your transcribed or typed document such as:

  1. Timestamps
  2. Speaker identification
  3. Numbered and bulleted lists;
  4. Tables
  5. Smart-Art
  6. References and navigable Table of Contents
  7. Special text formatting
  8. Images
  9. Custom Headers and Footers
  10. PDF conversion
  11. Mail Merges

Industries I have worked with

Tradesmen Transcription Services
(Plumbers, Electricians, Builders etc.)

Instead of spending time typing up your quotes after a long day’s work, record your quotes using a voice recorder (such as the one on your phone) and send it to me to type up. I can use your template or design one, especially for your business, the choice is yours.

Surveyor Transcription Services
(Fire Safety, building, buying)

By recording your surveys using a voice recorder, and sending the file to me to transcribe, you can save yourself valuable time. Time you could use to be out there surveying the next property.

Interview Transcription

Finding the right staff for your company can time-consuming and stressful. Let me alleviate some of the pressure by typing up your interviews. That way you can focus on hiring the right candidate by using your notes to easily refer, search, filter and compare your applications to find just the right fit for you.

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