If you would like to speak to me about my services and how I can assist your business, contact us today. Or scroll down to find out more about my free virtual consultations.

My contact details

Phone: 01276 425378
Email: stefanie@bravoservices.co.uk
Skype/Teams: Bravo Services

Virtual Consultations

I am a remote worker and therefore don’t have an office or store that you can pop into to meet me. (Not that that’s an option at the moment!). I do offer Virtual Consultations instead. The consultations are easy to use and don’t require you to download or install any additional applications.

They are completely free, and there is no obligation for you to use my services should you feel that I cannot help you.

My virtual consultations are run with Microsoft Teams which is a secure and easy to use video meeting solution. For more information about Microsoft Teams click here