About Bravo Services

Stefanie Vanjo-Carnell

I run Bravo Services Virtual Assistant and Business Process Improvement Consultancy, based in the leafy county of Surrey, UK. We specialise in offering Office Administration and Administration Process Improvement services to sole-traders and small businesses across the UK.


Stefanie Vanjo-Carnell - Business Process Management Consultant

My career has spanned across numerous industries such as Housing, IT and Sales. Before starting Bravo Services, I was working for a large International Insurance firm where I completed many Process Improvement projects for them as Head of Process Improvement for their UK multinational department.

My passion is Administration Business Technology and learning new systems or tools while developing my skills further. Focussing mainly on small-traders and sole-traders, I want to build a company that can make a difference by helping my clients to keep growing successful businesses.

My vision for Bravo Services is to become the leading Administration Process Improvement Consultancy for small business, a one-stop shop for all their office needs. I want to provide professional office administration and process improvement services at an affordable price so that my clients can focus on their business activity with streamlined  administrative support that they can rely on.

Bravo Services first two clients were small businesses who were looking for someone to help them implement a Contact Management System (CMS) for their company. Working with small businesses such as Tradesman, it became apparent to me, how many of them didn’t enjoy doing the administration side of their business. They would much rather be out on the job than sat behind a PC issuing invoices.

With the business technology available today, tradesman and small businesses could be saving themselves a whole load of time, money and resource. Outsourcing these administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant is one option, and the other is business technology.

Virtual Assistants are an excellent solution for those businesses who are happy with their processes but don’t have the time or enthusiasm to keep up with the administrative functions required when running a business.

Business Technology provides you with a solution that helps reduce the amount of time spent on administrative functions, increasing output due to streamlined processes whiles improving customer satisfaction.  It can help to reduce your monthly spending, and if using an automated invoicing system, it can increase your monthly sales as invoices are issued on time.  Some systems also allow you to automatically chase outstanding payments which help to keep your arrears down.

I want Bravo Services to be different in that we provide a one-stop-shop solution to your Office Administration and Process Management needs. I want my customers to feel confident that they are getting the best all-in-one Virtual Assistant at a price that works for them. Above all, I want my client’s businesses to be successful, and I give you my word, I’ll do everything I can to get you there.

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