Avoid making these 4 communication mistakes to gain more business

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It amazes me time and time again, how badly some salespeople communicate with potential clients. Not responding to information requests, not showing up for booked appointments, or just plain being rude are not ways to earn trust in yourself or your business. Below are my top 4 communication gripes and why you should avoid them at all costs.

Mistake 1:  Communicating with your customer like they fools

I understand that a salespersons job is to sell and even better, to upsell.  But communicating with your prospective client like they idiots is not the way to go about this. Feel free to provide them with accurate advice. But, if your customer doesn’t want to take your advise, don’t argue with them. And don’t tell them “Fake-Facts”.

Remember – just because you’ve been asked to provide a quote, it doesn’t mean:

  1. That the clients don’t know how to or cannot do it themselves
  2. They’ve not done their research – especially with the internet being a great source of information (or disinformation in some cases)
  3. They’ve not had a number of quotes for work before contacting you

Mistake 2:  Speaking of your competitors in a derogatory manner

As a small business owner, I know the importance of networking with your competitors. Working together rather than against each other.  You never know when your competitor may get a job you could collaborate on.

In my opinion, speaking badly about your competitors is not going to help you close any deals.  And chances are, that client will tell the companY they do hire about your nasty words.  This will circulate and harm your chances of generating income by referrals from your competitors.

Mistake 3:  Tell your client they not comparing apples with apples

Yep, believe it or not, I’ve actually had a company tell me I’m not comparing apples with apples. This was whiles discussing why they were almost double the price of their competitors.

Telling the customer not to compare your quote with another quote from the same industry is going to leave them feeling a little agitated. Or in my case, agitated and that I was been taken for a ride. Chances are when you are quoting for business, you are up against at least two, if not more, competitors.   Before quoting for business, do some research on what the standard way of quoting for your industry is and follow that standard! 

Mistake 4: Duplication in communication

This one is critical if you own a logistical business such as a moving company. Your potential client is looking for reassurance that you are capable of completing the job they are asking you to quote, on-time and with little to no mistakes along the way. But if your processes are not streamlined and lead to multiple people calling the client about the same thing – your potential client is not going to feel reassured.

Take, for example, a moving company. If the lead gets a phone call from one salesperson and books an appointment and then receives a second call from the same company asking to book yet another appointment, it will diminish their impression of your businesses capability to stay organised and on top of things.

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