Process Administration and Virtual Assistant Services

Bravo Services is situated in Surrey and have an abundance of experience in Process Administration and Virtual Assistant Services.

Our Virtual Assistants help clients free up their time so that they can continue growing their businesses. We can help with most office administration, project management and process administration tasks; and have worked with a variety of industries such as Recruitment, Financial Services, Engineering, Teaching and Contractors/Tradesman.


Our Services

Bravo Services specialises in providing Process Administration. We can help with setting up and administrating CRM’s, creating new templates or automations, using formulas in spreadsheets, linking business tools with Zapier and much more. 
Benefits vary from client to client. However, you can expect to save on time and expense once our experts have helped you streamline your CRM or business systems.

In addition to our Process Administration services, we also offer recruiters and small businesses Virtual Assistant services. We can complete a variety of tasks, such as typing, data entry, email and project management.

Benefits of ...

...a Virtual Assistant

.. working with Bravo Services

We work out an hourly rate/project rate depending on your needs, and you only pay us for the actual time used to complete a job. 

There are no hidden fee’s or long term contracts to worry about, and you get invoiced once you’ve signed off on the job

Virtual Assistants work on a self-employed freelance basis. This means you do not have to worry about the responsibilities of employing them. Nor do you need to budget for hidden costs such as hiring fees, training, pensions, sickness benefit, holiday pay or other similar costs 

By letting our Virtual Assistants take care of the administration; you can get on with running your business. 

As experienced professionals, it takes our Virtual Assistants less time to complete a task than someone with little experience

All our services are performed on our premises, so we don’t need a desk in your office.

We understand that time is money. That is why we aim to complete most VA tasks within 24 hours, without compromising on the quality of our work.

Our customer-centric approach ensures we provide the most professional Virtual Assistant services available 

Our monthly price plans offer a cost-effective alternative to hiring temps or full-time employees. Or, book one of our Virtual Assistants by the hour, as and when you need

We offer a full money back guarantee. If any of our services are not as you expected, we will give you a full refund

How Our Services Work

Virtual Assistant Services - How it works?

We offer all our clients:

Bravo Services understands that each business and client have different sets of requirements. For this is the reason, we take time to get to know you,  your business and how you like to work.  After that, we customise our services and prices to suit your needs.

Before you send us an assignment or task to complete, you will have the opportunity to meet with your assistant. We usually do this over the web, using Skype or any other video conferencing tool that your company usually prefers. However, we can also meet face-to-face at a location of your choice.

During this call or meeting, you’ll have a chance to get to know your Assistant and be able to ask them questions about their skills and background.  This first discussion also gives your Assistant to understand what your business needs are and how they can help you.  

Rest assured, if we feel that we don’t have the required skills to meet your needs we will tell you straight away. 

Bravo Services customises each price plan according to our customer needs. We can charge per the hour or on an agreed project rate. We use a sophisticated time & task tracking software which captures screenshots and tracks the work we do so customers only ever get charged for the time used to complete the task. Our customers get billed at the end of a job and can request a full report of the time used if needed.

Whether you need us for a one-off project or full time, we have a package to suit you.

We are so confident in the services we offer, that we offer our clients a full 14-day money back guarantee should we not meet your expectations.

We are an Approved member of the Society of Virtual Assistants
Policy Bee provides insurance for Bravo Services Virtual Assistant and Process Improvement consultancy. Head to our website to find out more information.
Fully insured through PolicyBee
GDPR Compliant
ICO Registered and GDPR Compliant

Common questions we get from our clients

The booming Virtual Assistant industry is relatively new in comparison to some other sectors, and therefore, there is no set standard definition as yet. supplies the most accepted definition and best defines a VA (Virtual Assistant) as:

“A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services.”

If you find that you are always rushed off your feet, or feel like everything is running away with you, then you should consider a Virtual Assistant (VA).

VA’s help you get all those items on your to-do list in order and complete. We can take on virtually any job you want to throw our way. The best part of all is because we are trained professionals in our field of expertise, it means that we know exactly how to get your job done as quickly as possible which in turn could save you time and money.

1. Flexibility

2. Time savings

3. Cost savings

4. Increased cost-effectiveness

5. Office space and costs savings

At our initial consultation, we will cover how we pass data to each other, and this will form part of our arrangement.  Most of our customers are happy using Google Drive or OneDrive for this purpose. However, you can also set us up on your internal systems if you prefer.

All our client data gets stored on either Google Drive or OneDrive (the choice is yours); or, you can request us to use any other system that you use. If you use one of our cloud storage facilities, we set up a folder, especially for you and your business. We will password protect this folder, and only you and your Virtual Assistant will have access to it.

For more information about Google Drive or OneDrive and Bravo Services privacy and security arrangements, please visit:

A few years ago, you used to only store data on your hard-drive or external memory devices, and to access that information; you needed to be using or connected to that device. Cloud storage provides us with another option that enables you to buy online storage from suppliers such and Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox or Google Drive to store your data on.

Once you have setup your cloud storage, you upload your data to “the cloud”, which translated means you save the file in your cloud storage folder, similar in the way you would normally save a document to your PC. You are then ready to access your files, anywhere, anytime, any place and from virtually any device.

Another fantastic benefit of cloud storage is that you can easily share information with others. Share a file in an editable or non-editable format, with or without password protection.  You can also set expiry dates so that the file you share is only available for a limit time-frame.

For more information about cloud storage, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

One of the fantastic benefits of a Virtual Assistant is that everything is completed online which saves time and money. However, some of our clients like to have face to face catch-ups or need some emergency cover in the office from time to time. We can arrange this so; please speak to your Virtual Assistant for more information.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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