Office Automation

Office Automation – stop errors and repetitive work

Bored with creating the same documents or doing the same task over and over again?
Can’t find the right document or information when you need it?

I specialise in helping small and independent companies identify and setup automated processes that can stop the frustration associated with the administration side of a business. And I do so by creating an automation solution that doesn’t cost the world using tools you probably already have – Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365.

As a small business, it’s important to have an efficient and streamlined administrative process. Not only because you rarely have enough time in a day to complete all those tasks. But also to maintain that professional image you have worked carefully to gain.

By automating some simple yet important administrative tasks, you can free up time to handle the more complex jobs. And if you already use Microsoft or Google, there may be no need to invest in yet another pricey software package.

What is Office Automation?

Office Automation consists of various smart business tools. These tools enable you to automatically and accurately transfer data from one location to another. We can also edit and manipulate this data so it can be used in your back office as needed. Think of it as your “digital office postman”. 

When data comes in, the system knows exactly what the data is, and where it is needed.   And therefore, quickly gets on with the task of delivering this information to your relevant applications and returning with their result.   The result may be a document, report, email… the list is almost endless.

For example, below is a diagram showing how Office Automation reduces the amount of human input needed.  In the non-automated environment, the simple task of completing a quote requires seven steps to complete.  However, with an automated process, there is only one step. That is to pass the information to our digital postman, the Office Automation System. 

Office Automation - non automated process

Office-Automation - Automated Process

When manually completing a task, like creating a quote document, the process is susceptible to errors and rework. However, by programming a series of instructions that the system needs to follow, you know that your process will be followed to the letter. And as long as the original data is accurate, the results will be error free.

Using office automation, you can reduce or eliminate errors and streamline our processes. Therefore, you spend less time on administration tasks, and more time on the more complex aspects of our business.

Benefits of Office Automation

Reduced deliverable costs – automation reduces the time needed by an employee to complete a process. This has a direct and positive impact on your deliverable costs associated with delivering your final product.
Faster deliverable times – With the speed and accuracy of computers, an automated system can help decrease the deliverable times of your final product.
Greater client satisfaction – because office automation reduces inaccuracies and costs, and speeds up when they get their product, your clients will be happier.
Centralised data storage – In an automated environment, all raw data is stored in a central location. Nowadays this is almost always on “The Cloud”. This means you always have access to your data, wherever you are, and from virtually any device.
Increased efficiency – Computers are far more efficient at processing information than humans. By using computer data handling tools, tasks that could take minutes or even hours to complete are performed in seconds.
Reduced rework costs – most tasks like invoicing, client notifications, document deliverables etc. can be automated, creating a streamlined “right first time” process.
Improved staff utilisation – by letting office automation take care of the mundane tasks, your staff can get on with the things that make a difference to your business.
Reduced data entry – central data storage also means you do not need to manually update the same information in the various applications or documents you may use in your process. Make changes to things like names, quantities, and prices in one place, and the system will update it everywhere needed.

Case Study: Office Automation using Google Workspace tools

Click here to read about how Office Automation helped reduce my client’s administrative costs and increase his profits.

We could do the same for you!

What can I automate?

There are almost no limits to what you can automate. As long as the information is digital, we can use automation tools and scripting to move, copy, edit and store data virtually anywhere. Below is a list of typical business processes which could be automated:

  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Email responses
  • Meeting bookings
  • Employee onboarding
  • Collecting and storing client data
  • Reporting
  • Approvals (Internally and externally)
  • Signature requests
  • Letters or emails
  • Client contracts
  • Sales Orders
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations

What do I need to get started?

I specialise in Google and Microsoft applications, as these are the most common applications used by small buisnesses. If you already have a Google Workspace or Microsoft Office license, you may already have access to the various applications we can use for your Office Automation system.

For instance, Google Workspace licensing already includes all the tools needed to start your automation journey. There is no need to purchase or upgrade any licenses. And if you use Microsoft Office 365, access to their automation suite starts from as little *£6.00 per user.

Stop the repetition and let AI do it for you right first-time, every time.

Implementation, Support and Training Services

All the tools and support you need in one place.

I’m passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals by helping them automate and streamline their back-office tasks. I do this by first understanding your business and how it operates. Once I have an oversight of your processes, I can start developing an automation plan, highlighting quick wins and those tasks that will take a little longer to implement.

I’ll then take a couple of your quick wins and build the automation for you. This will provide you with a proof of concept before investing more in the project.

Through each step of the development, I will be there to provide you and your team with the help, support and training needed to operate your new automated process. I can also supply you with an operating manual and/or how-to videos, so that you can refer back to them whenever needed.